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Focus ST-R


The Focus ST-R race car concept is a dramatic example of Ford's global approach to product development. This concept vehicle, powered by the sophisticated 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 engine, is the first to benefit from a collaborative effort of Ford and Ford racers from around the world who have experience building and racing Focus – successfully! The result of this teamwork is a global racing platform – highlighted by a common body and a safety cage built to FIA regs – a competitive platform that can be tailored for regional competition, based on local rules.

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The Focus ST-R race car concept is built with U.S. racing specs in mind. Throughout 2011, Ford Racing will design and engineer a complete – and competitive – Focus ST-R race car that will be available for purchase by those wishing to compete with a Focus in professional and amateur road racing classes. When introduced, the Focus ST-R customer car will be the latest in the family of turn-key race cars from Ford Racing (Mustang FR500C, Mustang FR500S, Mustang Cobra Jet, Boss 302R, Boss 302S). These cars are available from any Ford dealer.


  • 2.0L EcoBoost I-4
  • Ford Racing custom exhaust
  • Ford Racing engine calibration
  • Ford Racing high capacity radiator
  • Ford Racing clutch
  • Ford Racing oil to air oil cooler
  • Remote oil filter
  • 6-speed manual transmission with Ford Racing limited-slip differential
  • Seam-welded steel unibody with integrated FIA certified safety cage.
  • Structural perofrmance: over 20,000 lb.-ft/degree (torsional)
Front Suspension
  • AST performance coilover adjustable dampers
  • Adjustable camber plates
  • Ford Racing upgraded sway bar with adjustable end links
  • Upgraded bushings
Rear Suspension
  • AST performance adjustable dampers
  • Control-blade multilink rear suspension
  • Ford Racing upgraded sway bars with adjustable end links
  • Upgraded bushings
  • Electric steering with unique Ford Racing calibration
  • Front brakes 320 mm with 2-piece rotors and race pads
  • Production rear brakes with race pads
  • Ford ABS with unique Ford Racing calibration
Wheels & Tires
  • 18" BBS CF 1 piece cast alloy wheel (Anthracite)
  • Hoosier 225/40-18 R6 race tires
Fuel System
  • ATL 18 gallon fuel cell with custom single dry break system
  • 2012 Focus ST body kit
  • Brake cooling ducts
  • Hood pins
  • Ford Racing lightweight wiring harnesses
  • Recaro Pro Racer HANS racing Seat
  • AIM MXL Pista GPS based data system
  • Ford Racing short throw shifter
  • Ford Racing fire suppression system
  • Ford Racing 6-point safety harness
  • Ford Racing driver safety nets
  • Ford Racing steering wheel with quick release
  • Custom carbon fiber center panel with switches
  • Body in White